At Investa the policies to locate human capital and develop that talent as organization resourse is crafted to give substance to Company values.
Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and service

Ethical and professional service

Compliance and respect for community, environmental and legal requirements

Those wishing to be a part of Investa are encouraged to reflect on the value addition that they would attend, with collegues; to the task at hand, and in their own career progression. At Investa we consider all three to be important for mutual well being. We create this mutuality of interest, not just with salary compensations that match the best in the industry, but also with training and counseling, and creation of opportunities to contribute and sharpen skills.

These skills - inter personnel & professional, is the core of what we seek in those who shall be one of us. It is simple, it is not easy.

Ours are multi-disciplinary teams. We rate motivation highly. We provide a working environment that encourages excellence. In this age of new technologies we hope that sharing of information, finding better ways to work and support each other, sets standards of personal and professional conduct- al the while delivering products and services that exceeds customer expectations will guide all employees.

Investa welcomes all aspirants to join 'Team Investa'.


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