Commercial Properties

Investa’s complexes today transcend the conventional concept of stand-alone office space to deliver an integrated arena combining work and leisure within the premises couples with ‘walk-to-work’ concept aimed at co-locating residential complexes and office places in close proximity.

Investa Commercial property Developers was formed to focus on the booming quality workplace demand. Guided by our vision of being a leader through innovation, quality, technology and customer service.

Investa pioneered the lease model for commercial properties and adopted this as a standard feature across its commercial office complexes. The commercial office space options include Ready-built complexes, which are multi tenanted and the built to order complexes, which are tailor made to suit the specific organizational requirements of the clients that also encompass recreational and leisure options.

All of Investa commercial complexes score on the strength of their design, system and the value added services provided by Investa.




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